5 Tips of Choosing Thesis Proposal

Thesis making especially to the first learner was just like in the abyss viewing nothing out of the darkness.  Making a thesis proposal needs patience and enough knowledge about identifying a topic under discussion.  Doing a research topic and writing a proposal cannot be done as you imagine.  It needs knowhow and knowledge about the topic through research and interviews.  Learning thesis is a gradual process.

My clients usually open up to me how difficult was doing a thesis proposal especially on title making.  Some of them were asking, “Maam, I want to have this kind of thesis but how shall I state the title?” while others asked, “Maam, can you help me of what thesis proposal shall I make?”.  Others also were the other way around, they presented right away to me their title as per recommendation to them by their respective advisers.  The specific titles that have been submitted to me were already refined by their instructors by requiring them to make their study out of the problem seen in their respective community.   There were also advisers who required them to make a study out of the problem encountered during their tour of duty. Below are 5 tips of choosing thesis proposal:

  1. See to it that certain thesis proposal can be finished in a target and expected date.  At first, making thesis proposal is a trial and error steps until it will become a thesis. Doing it must need to list at least 3 or more thesis proposal to be reviewed later after your research.  After the research, you can now decide what thesis proposals you have listed will be given priorities.
  2. The very best move to have a direction of your thesis proposal is to choose a topic that is within your reach just like in the community where you live in.  It is also logical that after making your papers, the knowledge you earned out of your study will be shared by you, right away within your community.
  3. Solicit the opinions of your instructors or professors.  They are the only persons who can direct and guide you to the right path of your study.  After that, analyzed which among of their opinions matched to your need.
  4. Use all the possible resources available in your area, such as visiting your library, make research on encyclopedia or any kind of magazines available at home.  Ask your friends if they had some files of any publications about your target thesis proposal.

Do not forget to regard the efficiency of internet.  Internet today is the fastest and the updated source of information.   If ever you are not literate enough to internet scanning, try to ask someone to do it for you.  If you have no available internet to use all the time during researching, try to print out related topics for future use.  Today’s generation were dependent on internet information and with regards to thesis making, they made it successfully out of 80% to 100% as their reference of information.


Thesis Making? Wanted Someone to Help or to Coach?

Helping, Guiding and Coaching You On Your Thesis Making

Are you enrolling your masteral subjects, or a student doing  thesis at school? Then this is the right time I can help you. Post anything that troubles you and I will try to do something for you.

Do you have weekend assignments on your masteral subjects or in your thesis? Then this is the right time I can answer this for you. Post these and I will try to answer that for you.

“Making Thesis or Dissertation To Me Was By Chance”

Why it was by chance? Everything was started this way; I am the 3rd child and the eldest daughter among the nine (9) children of the family. All my sisters and brothers younger than me have enjoyed the privilege of having me as their elder sister tutoring them of almost all of their subjects. I didn’t know what’s the magic I was doing that time, making almost all the assignments in any of their subjects has been answered by me correctly and or impressively.
Considering that each of them has different interests and finished different degrees and me their tutor who has assisted them through researched which simultaneously ended I have got backgrounds of each of their fields such as degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education, Commerce, Civil Engineering, Sociology and Biology.
As what I have stressed above, learning thesis to me was by chance and that was when my slow learner younger sister started her thesis as the prerequisite of her graduation. I considered it that time as the most challenging tutorial that I have so far for I was having a feasibility study on my degree and I have no single background on “thesis making”. I do everything for her, we both doing the research but I was the one providing the tools she needed and coached her even to the last hour of accomplishing her dissertation and that was her “defend”. It was a surprised to both of us after her defend as she was been declared having the best dissertation among their batch with her thesis about teenage pregnancy .
As the years rolled out, my brothers and sisters practiced their degree, some put up business of their own and me too landed a job in my husband’s province very far from them. For more than two decades, my tutorial lesson to them was finished and forgotten by the time when just suddenly one of my younger sister called me and asked my cooperation to answer her assignments of her masteral subjects in education. In spite of my workload in the office, I found myself happy again doing the researched during vacant hours to answer her assignments.
My sister again enjoyed the same privileges as the way she enjoyed some years ago while we were still young as her tutor and now she was not alone but with 5 other teachers taking up their Masteral Degrees on their education. I even enjoyed doing it now for them with advance technology on internet. In spite of the distance, everything was not a hindrance doing it for them by online or with the use of

Facebook or Skype, everything would be easier to me and to my learners.. If there were complications and clarifications needed on their study, chatting online was not only the recourse but cell phones can be of help too.
So, why not make a try.

Share anything that bothers you about your ongoing thesis/dissertations and or study and am here behind you to share my knowledge to you. Don’t hesitate but call or text me with this number; 09268212800.

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Teaching and Learning Thesis/Dissertation Is My Hobby

My tutorial was started not right away on “thesis making” but that was started when I was seven 7 years old doing it to my younger sisters and brothers from their preschool until their college education.    It was still clear how I brought and cater them to “protestant church” who have the only religion having a “bible study” on their church for children during vacations in our remote place.  On the evening, I was there to coach and tutor them of their activities for the next day.  To preview my tutorial activities from the day they were still on their preschool up to the moment they finished their college were somewhat like a long way to imagine but doing it was not an obligation to me but an enjoyment.   It was somewhat like a hobby, doing an art or a craft that after the efforts of sowing, there I saw and able to watch how they propelled by doing extremely well over their peers academically and on extracurricular activities in school.

It’s nice to recall how my sister was so excited informing  the result of her assignments every time I was the one who answered her assignments on any of her masteral subjects  saying, “Mother, I got flat one (1) on my assignment !!!!!”, my sisters used to call me “mother” since I was in my high school days as their “tag” to me of being closed to them,  while the rating of one (1) is equivalent to no other but the highest rating.

I am happy manipulating my laptop and setting in front of my computer with something to think and research to anyone who will be remembering  me and say “thank you”  after the efforts of doing a favor or after helping them their assignments on masteral subjects and or to their thesis making.

I know that majority of the students in masteral subjects were already employed or have already landed a job and hoping that one day they will be promoted out of their academic qualification.  There were there also enrolling their masteral subjects and willing to learn by researching out of the weekend assignments but the workload from the school as the case for the school teachers, refraining them to do so. There were there also enrolling their masteral subjects who the knowhow on technical capabilities such as operating computer for researching were limited and relying only to their school library were giving them not as updated as in internet.

There were there also who enrolled on masteral degrees such as in the case of local and national government employees that their sense of sight and concentration were already impaired.  They now in need for someone to assist and do the researching to meet their workload in the office and as well as to their responsibilities relative to their respective families.

So, share about your trouble on your thesis by posting. Let us see what I can do for you.