Teaching and Learning Thesis/Dissertation Is My Hobby

My tutorial was started not right away on “thesis making” but that was started when I was seven 7 years old doing it to my younger sisters and brothers from their preschool until their college education.    It was still clear how I brought and cater them to “protestant church” who have the only religion having a “bible study” on their church for children during vacations in our remote place.  On the evening, I was there to coach and tutor them of their activities for the next day.  To preview my tutorial activities from the day they were still on their preschool up to the moment they finished their college were somewhat like a long way to imagine but doing it was not an obligation to me but an enjoyment.   It was somewhat like a hobby, doing an art or a craft that after the efforts of sowing, there I saw and able to watch how they propelled by doing extremely well over their peers academically and on extracurricular activities in school.

It’s nice to recall how my sister was so excited informing  the result of her assignments every time I was the one who answered her assignments on any of her masteral subjects  saying, “Mother, I got flat one (1) on my assignment !!!!!”, my sisters used to call me “mother” since I was in my high school days as their “tag” to me of being closed to them,  while the rating of one (1) is equivalent to no other but the highest rating.

I am happy manipulating my laptop and setting in front of my computer with something to think and research to anyone who will be remembering  me and say “thank you”  after the efforts of doing a favor or after helping them their assignments on masteral subjects and or to their thesis making.

I know that majority of the students in masteral subjects were already employed or have already landed a job and hoping that one day they will be promoted out of their academic qualification.  There were there also enrolling their masteral subjects and willing to learn by researching out of the weekend assignments but the workload from the school as the case for the school teachers, refraining them to do so. There were there also enrolling their masteral subjects who the knowhow on technical capabilities such as operating computer for researching were limited and relying only to their school library were giving them not as updated as in internet.

There were there also who enrolled on masteral degrees such as in the case of local and national government employees that their sense of sight and concentration were already impaired.  They now in need for someone to assist and do the researching to meet their workload in the office and as well as to their responsibilities relative to their respective families.

So, share about your trouble on your thesis by posting. Let us see what I can do for you.


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