Thesis Making? Wanted Someone to Help or to Coach?

Helping, Guiding and Coaching You On Your Thesis Making

Are you enrolling your masteral subjects, or a student doing  thesis at school? Then this is the right time I can help you. Post anything that troubles you and I will try to do something for you.

Do you have weekend assignments on your masteral subjects or in your thesis? Then this is the right time I can answer this for you. Post these and I will try to answer that for you.

“Making Thesis or Dissertation To Me Was By Chance”

Why it was by chance? Everything was started this way; I am the 3rd child and the eldest daughter among the nine (9) children of the family. All my sisters and brothers younger than me have enjoyed the privilege of having me as their elder sister tutoring them of almost all of their subjects. I didn’t know what’s the magic I was doing that time, making almost all the assignments in any of their subjects has been answered by me correctly and or impressively.
Considering that each of them has different interests and finished different degrees and me their tutor who has assisted them through researched which simultaneously ended I have got backgrounds of each of their fields such as degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education, Commerce, Civil Engineering, Sociology and Biology.
As what I have stressed above, learning thesis to me was by chance and that was when my slow learner younger sister started her thesis as the prerequisite of her graduation. I considered it that time as the most challenging tutorial that I have so far for I was having a feasibility study on my degree and I have no single background on “thesis making”. I do everything for her, we both doing the research but I was the one providing the tools she needed and coached her even to the last hour of accomplishing her dissertation and that was her “defend”. It was a surprised to both of us after her defend as she was been declared having the best dissertation among their batch with her thesis about teenage pregnancy .
As the years rolled out, my brothers and sisters practiced their degree, some put up business of their own and me too landed a job in my husband’s province very far from them. For more than two decades, my tutorial lesson to them was finished and forgotten by the time when just suddenly one of my younger sister called me and asked my cooperation to answer her assignments of her masteral subjects in education. In spite of my workload in the office, I found myself happy again doing the researched during vacant hours to answer her assignments.
My sister again enjoyed the same privileges as the way she enjoyed some years ago while we were still young as her tutor and now she was not alone but with 5 other teachers taking up their Masteral Degrees on their education. I even enjoyed doing it now for them with advance technology on internet. In spite of the distance, everything was not a hindrance doing it for them by online or with the use of

Facebook or Skype, everything would be easier to me and to my learners.. If there were complications and clarifications needed on their study, chatting online was not only the recourse but cell phones can be of help too.
So, why not make a try.

Share anything that bothers you about your ongoing thesis/dissertations and or study and am here behind you to share my knowledge to you. Don’t hesitate but call or text me with this number; 09268212800.

Click to find some thesis of your choice:

  1. Thesis about TEENAGE PREGNANCY: Introduction
  2. Thesis about DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR OF CHILDREN: Introduction

25 thoughts on “Thesis Making? Wanted Someone to Help or to Coach?

    • Dear John,
      You are already asking me about the chapter 2 of your thesis, so I presumed that you have already the title of your study and please tell me first the title of your thesis so that I can answer and recommend directly to the point some steps for you to follow that makes your chapter 2 complete and no enough hassle. Have you finished already your chapter 1?. You can reach me with this number for more clarification 09268212800 every 5:30 pm.


    • Dear John,
      You are already asking me about the chapter 2 of your thesis, so I presumed that you have already the title of your study and please tell me first the title of your thesis so that I can answer and recommend directly to the point some steps for you to follow that makes your chapter 2 complete and no enough hassle. Have you finished already your chapter 1?. You can reach me with this number for more clarification 09268212800 every 5:30 pm.


  1. Can you help me Im having hard time constructing my introduction with this title “why are extra curricular activities important for the self-esteem among grade 6 pupils


    • Dear Rena,

      Making of the Introduction is the usual question that I encountered. The introduction of every study is compose of paragraphs, so that it would be easier for you, answer this question for your;
      1st paragraph- Mention here why you need to study this topic, the importance of extracurricular activities in your class, what have you observed among pupils why this study is necessary, are there existing problems in your school that needs for the children to be get involved on curricular activities? Mention some activities at school that children love to do.

      Use and click this or copy this in your browser as one of your guide on some paragraph of your introduction and to this specific study –


  2. I am worried about my intro. and also my chapter two! what would be the possible questions that i might atleast work with it, i dont really have any idea please help.!


    • Muriel, I am very sorry of my late response and I hope you have already solved your problem right now but if you have not yet, just text me or call me with this number 09268212800 and I’m happy to help you.


    • Dear Beverly,
      Making chapter 3 is quite relaxed compared to the two previous chapters. It is easier for me to answer you if have some knowledge about your chapter 1 and 2. For a while have a glance to this link, hope this will help you and this would be an example for you to guide you “CHAPTER III”. If you got the chance, kindly call or text me with this no. 09268212800


      • Dear Karla,

        Take a look to these tips below

        1. To make your “introduction catchy” described your subject what is all about. Be specific of your topic, when it is about “teenage pregnancy”, deals directly with a specific point or area how “teenage pregnancy” effect to the individual concern, to the environment, to the economic, to her future, and to anyone else around.

        2. Give a clear background of the topic by mentioning the previous research related with teenage pregnancy or any topic you wish. Mentioned to them why it is necessary that certain topic needs research.

        3. Mention the necessity why the research must be made and make it clear that the study about teenage pregnancy was different from your study because the topic you wished to study was not yet mentioned from previous research.

        4. Give your opinion by presenting the topic to the reader what would be the possible steps could solved the problem. Present a more realistic solution that could solve the problem.

        5. Do not feed all the information you know. Make it a secret for a while or a mystery for the possible solution of the problem topic that you introduced but tell your readers that soon would be unlocked in the later part of your thesis or research paper. Please a look to this introduction of a thesis about teenage pregnancy by cliking this link below;


  3. It is appropriate time to make a few plans for the long run and it’s time to be happy.
    I have learn this publish and if I may I desire to recommend you some attention-grabbing issues or advice.
    Perhaps you can write subsequent articles relating to this article.
    I desire to read even more issues about it!


    • Dear John,

      I’m happy knowing your interest about teenage pregnancy. It is already a fact that Philippines is among of the Asian countries showing increased of teenage pregnancy in spite of the effort of the government and some other concern organization to minimize it. Thanks for the concern John and more power.


  4. Hi good morning madam! ! You can help me how to write the entroduction of my thesis!! This is the main topic!! Effects of extra curricular activities on JILCF stem student


    • Dear Christopher,
      I am very happy to help you. You know Christopher, introduction is the most important and the difficult part of the thesis making. My readers and the students I encountered were kept asking me with the same question so I posted for this purpose.
      So, in your case which has a topic of “Effects of extracurricular activities on JILCF stem student”, this meant that you decided to make a study because you have something to find it out and I am sure that with this topic you have positive and negative effects. For this kind of topic, first and foremost go to your adviser first and ask her/his opinion whether you are going to stick on positive or negative effect because doing it both is quite complicated which I am afraid you can’t have a desirable result. Anyway if your adviser will guarantee you that you can make a very nice thesis out of your good rapport as adviser and student, then try both, the negative and positive effects.
      To have a right route on how to make the right “introduction” I advise you to answer the following and I take the positive effects only:
      1. Introduce or say something for the chosen topic. (The statements you make will serve as your 1st paragraph in your “Introduction” ). In here you are going to site a reference, do the example below;

      Extracurricular activities are activities that students participate in that do not fall into the realm of normal curriculum of schools. They are found in all levels of our schools. There are many forms of extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, governance, student newspaper, music, art, and drama. Extracurricular activities are totally voluntary so students that do not want to participate in them do not have to. Lunnenburg states in his article that “Extracurricular activities serve the same goals and functions as the required and elective courses in the curriculum. However, they provide experiences that are not included in formal courses of study. They allow students to apply the knowledge that they have learned in other classes and acquire concepts of democratic life.” Extracurricular activities have many positive effects on education. The positive effects that extracurricular activities have on students are behavior, better grades, school completion, positive aspects to become successful adults, and a social aspect.

      2. Present the first positive effects of extracurricular activities for the students based to the previous study. This served as your 2nd paragraph in your “Introduction” ).
      The first effect that extracurricular activities have on education is behavior. Students that participate in extracurricular activities have reduced behavior problems. In sports, they show discipline in drills, practices, and routines. They have a responsibility to perform those tasks correctly, whether it is basketball of football plays, dance routines, or signals in baseball. When students perform these things correctly they are rewarded for their good behavior and they take pride in their accomplishments. Because of the pride they achieve, they gain better self respect, self esteem, and self confidence.

      3. Present the 2nd positive effect of extracurricular activities for the students based to the previous study. This served as your 3rd paragraph in your “Introduction” ).
      Education world states that “Participation in school activities, especially E 1 Massoni: Positive Effects of Extra Curricular Activities Published by DigitalCommons@C.O.D., 2011 85 athletics, leads to higher self esteem and enhanced status among peers, which some argue is deterrent to antisocial behavior.” (Brown, M.D., 2000) The most dangerous time for bad behavior is the time after school and before parents get home, which is usually the time between three o’clock and seven o’clock. (Holloway, J. H., 2002) This is the time when they are at the most risk at committing violent acts and victimization. The ages that usually are involved in poor behavior during this time are between twelve and seventeen years old. (Howie et al. 2010, 120) Between the ages of nine and seventeen are when kids learn to make their own decisions and control their behavior. This is a crucial time for students to be in extracurricular activities because they are under supervision, guidance, and they are in engaged and enriched learning experiences. They are then better able to resist unsafe behaviors such as drug and alcohol use, gang involvement, and criminal activities.

      Finish your “introduction” by answering the 4th , 5th , 6th , 7th, and 8th by clicking this link and allow your adviser to do some suggestions and corrections because making thesis differs from school to school and updates me now and then.


  5. hello maam,i would be highly thankful to u ,can u guide me with introduction thesis title is “Problems of bilingual teaching at primary level for educators”how can i handle this title?


    • Dear Ayesha,
      I presumed that you chose the title “Problems of bilingual teaching at primary level for Educators” because you have a perception that bilingual teaching has problems during instruction and hope your teacher in-charge has already approved this. You can start your “Introduction” by systematically mentioning the possible problems that an educator may encounter during his instruction.

      Make your “introduction” by paragraph and first and foremost mention on first paragraph the reason why you chose that such title. Mentioned also what is the importance why bilingual is necessary now and in coming years.

      On 2nd paragraph answer the questions why should have bilingual classes? Mentioned here also the possible cases or situations that originates why bilingual is necessary. Elaborate how the bilingual class will be started. Mention here how the mediums and materials be provided during class instruction.

      On the 3rd paragraph explain why there must class bilingual? Mentioned some textbooks should bilingual must use. Explain that performing bilingual teaching is quite new and need some studies to make the educators efficient. Elaborate that as a bilingual educator needs some qualifications, enough trainings and requirements to met before a certified bilingual educator.

      Finish your “introduction” by answering the 4th , 5th , 6th , 7th, and 8th by clicking this link and allow your adviser to do some suggestions and corrections because making thesis differs from school to school and updates me now and then.


  6. hello po, i am interested with the topic distruptive behaviour because i am teaching in the night department where distruptive behavior problem are very common. can i use your topic on distruptive as reference? thank you


  7. how to make questionnaire about this… “Problems of Early Age Pregnancy in Brgy. Mantagbac: A Survey”

    here’s the statement of the problem.
    This research focused the Problems of Early Pregnancy in Brgy. Mantagbac.
    Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:
    1. What is the profile of the respondents
    -Educational attainment
    – Age got pregnant
    2. what are the factors which causes early pregnancy?
    3. What are the effects of early pregnancy in brgy. Mantagbac?
    4. What possible solutions could be adopted to lessen early pregnancy in Brgy.Mantagbac?

    hope you will help us asap..thank you in advance!


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