How to Make Introduction or Chapter 1 Of Thesis Writing -Background

Steps on making the “Background”:  (Effects of Disruptive Behavior on the School Performance of Grade IV and V Pupils in Cabanglasan District.)

5.  The researcher must cite some existing previous study.  It must be stated whether there has already a study similar to the study chosen: See example below:

(This served as your  5th paragraph in your “Introduction”.  For 1st and 4th paragraph, please click this link  Chapter 1 On Thesis Writing (Problem-Rationale).

“Numerous research studies have concluded that a complex interaction or combination of factors associated with disruptive behavior leads the child and young adolescents to exhibit extreme disruptive behavior in the future if not given much attention.  Research studies have shown that these disruptive behavior can be decreased or even prevented at school, it will depend on the efforts exerted of the pupil, the teachers, and school administrators by improving their school facilities and policies.     Most importantly, efforts should be directed by the parents by decreasing or eliminating exposure of children to violence in home and community both financial for this is the usual reason why a certain pupil exhibited some sort of disruptive behavior.  (Fernandez, 2003, p 108).”

6.  Mentioned recommendation or contributions of some other studies to the existing problem. Such as this:

(This served as your 6th paragraph in your “Introduction” ).

         Many of the factors causing disruptive behavior disorders happen very early in a Childs’ life. It is important to recognize and act on the problems as early as possible. The Treatment that has shown the best results is a combination of: specialized skills training, behavior therapies to teach young people how to control and express feeling in a healthy ways and coordination of services with the young person’s school and other involved agencies.  Kazdin AE. Research design in clinical psychology 4th ed. Boston: Allyn& Bacon; 2003.” And with this:

7.   (This served as your 7th paragraph in your “Introduction”).

Rynders (2006) and Barton, Richard and Wenglinsky (1998) address an instructional method called “Character Counts!”, developed by the Josephson Institute of Ethics. “If children internalize the right values, and their actions are informed by those values, they will become responsible citizens in the school hall and school room, as they will in the community as a whole”.

8.  Mentioned that there has already identified cases of problem existed in the target area.

(This served as your 8th paragraph in your “Introduction” ).

“The Cabanglasan District Teachers are aware of the disrupted behavior showed by some of the Grade IV & V pupils  in where the children showed a wide range of behaviors: explosive temper tantrums, physical aggression, fighting, threats or attempts to hurt others (including homicidal thoughts), cruelty toward animals.     Thus disrupted behavior in schools of Grade IV & V pupils in Cabanglasan District occurs in many different forms, from taunting and teasing to physical assaults and destruction of property.”

“Even though disruptive behavior was just a part of growing up, but it affects to the school performance not only the pupil who did the disruptions and affecting too all the individual found in the school during classroom instructions.”

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