Thesis / dissertation of TEENAGE PREGNANCY – Chapter 2 – Family

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 Review of Related Literature and Studies

This chapter presents the review of related literature which guided the researcher in the conduct of this study.  The literature will be taken from the relevant materials to give the necessary background, insight and to supplement the ideas  in the present investigation.

The tremendous speed of technological innovations requires, that the teenagers keep pace to the present-day changes.   Such as teenagers in the Philippine must be protected against the increasing trend of teenage pregnancy as it happened on this  latest decade.   And another decades of the same trend is already detrimental to the educational development of students and out of school youth in the country.  There are factors that trigger teenagers prone to be pregnant and that are Family,   Community   Church Involvement;  Peers and Media;


In the Philippines,  the NSO 2013, data showed that 13-14 percent  of all registered marriages are among teenagers below 20 years old while data from the National Youth Commission  show that the rate of teen pregnancy in the country is among the highest in the ASEAN region and the only country where the rate is increasing. The global issue of teen pregnancy is  the reason why the annual celebration of  World Population Day —  July 11 — lead by UNFPA, focuses on addressing teen pregnancy.  Benjamin de Leon, president of the Forum for Family Planning and Development in the Philippines, an NGO working on adolescent health issues, expressed alarm that almost 10 percent of all Filipino women aged 15-19 have already given birth. “This is a reality that we must address, he said.There is an urgency for all sectors “to work together to help address adolescent reproductive health issues and teen pregnancy because of the health and economic implications to the country,” he said. “A high rate of teen pregnancy also means a high risk for maternal deaths among our young girls.”

The Philippines joins the rest of the world in calling the attention of Government and civil society groups to help address  rising teen pregnancies through better policies, improved education and information campaigns and programs that can reach our adolescents  in schools, in communities or wherever they may be,” de Leon said. In here he points out that every Filipino family,community, church involvement and peers of a teenager has a great role on this.

Domini Torivillas  (The Philippine Star) updated July 11, 2013.   There is evidence supporting the Reproductive Health Law that calls for sexuality education  among young students. Not that for teachingthe kids to engage in “safe” sex, but rather, for telling them why they should not engage in early sex, and yes, before marriage. With regulated sexuality education, the young are informed about sex, pregnancy, unplanned and planned, instead of through the internet or pornographic magazines that somehow manage to reach them. Peep into their rooms  and see copies of Playboy and  Pent house and other sexy publications tucked between the bed sheets, and  for-adults-only videos in the internet.   When the family disregard sex education at home, might one way that teenagers will be innocent about sex consequences and prone to early sex. The other one is when the family has poor values and can’t understand the need of teenagers economically, socially and emotionally might one reason too of teenage pregnancy.

.           Discover Questions in the Philippines”, July 14, 2013 (Online Survey). The factors that  triggers the increased of Teenage Pregnancy in the country are: Family problems, broken family/complicated family, peer pressure/bad influence, Media/Television/Movies-Influential Trends (regarding sex), Pornography, lack of attention, love, caring,  lack of moral values,  failure to nurture with good principle, Curiosity, Lack of Information about Sex (sex education), use of Illegal drugs, lack of Guidance, Prostitution (involves poverty), unintelligent decisions etc.

The main thrust of this study is to find out the factors behind the teenage pregnancy.   It is clear that some other factors on teenage pregnancy such as  peer pressure, media / movies or television, use of illegal drugs and Lack of Information about Sex (sex education) and some other factors are rooted or sprouted from 2 factors only and that are due to absence of  “Family Intervention”  and Educational Information about sex (sex education).

In here it was disclosed by ”Press release courtesy of DKT Reproductive Health Inc.”, 2012: that the National Statistics Office revealed that from 2000-2010, teenage pregnancy in the Philippines has increased by 65%, despite an almost 14% decline in teenage marriage in the same period. The increase was most  notable among girls aged 15 to 19, among whom live births rose 38% from the Family Health Survey disclosed that the primary reasons for teenage pregnancy are insufficient access to information about sexual health and reproductive health services specifically targeted at teens.

Actually the first access on Education of sex will start at home but in spite of campaign of Philippine government. Filipino families remain hesitant to open up sex to their children. Instead the government has find hard to implement sex education because of Filipino beliefs and values. (Billy & Brewster,2002),The family members of an adolescent exert considerable influence over his or her sexual behavior. Many aspects of family life influence a teen’s decision to become sexually active, use contraception, or continue with a pregnancy. Socio-economic status, family structure, parental attitudes, and parental communication and support all play an important role in a teen’s decision-making.Children of parents with low educational attainment, occupation and income are more likely to have sex at an early age, not use contraception consistently and become pregnant or cause a pregnancy.The values and behavior demonstrated by family members regarding sexual risk taking and early childbearing influence the teen’s own attitudes and behavior.

Parents with permissive attitudes about teen sex or premarital sex, or negative attitudes about contraception have children who are more likely to have unprotected sex and become pregnant .(Kim, Ridger, Harper, & Yang, 1974) Teens look to their parents as role models and very often reproduce their behavior. Therefore, it is not surprising that teens are more likely to initiate sex and become pregnant if their parents are having sex outside of marriage, cohabiting with a romantic or sexual partner, have had a child outside of marriage or gave birth as an adolescent.

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Chapter 2-Family

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Chapter 2-Effects of Pregnancy and Justification

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