Feasibility Study of a 5 Year Upgraded Rice Mill

Some parts of this Project (click below):

Balance Sheet 2014

Income Statement 2014

Statement of Cash Flows 2014

Project TitleAcquisition & Upgrading of Rice White Polisher of R. Zamoras’  Rice Mill

Name of the Firm:     R. Zamora Rice Mill

Contact Person:         Mr. Raul Zamora

Position:                       Manager/Owner

Address:                       Namnama, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay

I-Overview of the Firm:

  • The firm has its own lowland rice field and milled them in their own Rice Miller.
  • To increase the volume to be milled and for trading purposes, the firm engaged also on buying field weight rice and dried it with the use of their own drier of either its solar pavement and or mechanical drier.
  • Some other assets and income involved directly or indirectly were not included in the shown income statement and its balance sheet 2014 which is hereto attached. The financial aspect shown is mainly for the Rice Mill of the firm.

II- Financial aspect of the firm: 

Project Cost:  Php 700,000.00


  • To ensure the Whitish White Polished Rice.
  • To compete with other traders on trading the whitish white polished rice locally and abroad.

Target accomplishment of the project is 90 calendar days that involve machinery procurement and installation.

II-Company Profile : 

*The industry falls under commercial category that is on milling and trading.

*The name of the firm is R. Zamora Rice Mill.

*The firm was established  12 years ago as an ordinary miller and engage under single proprietorship.

*The firm bears under business permit number ___________________ issued last ____________, 2014.

*The total asset of the firm  is approximately     P 1,848,479.50 . (See Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2014).

*The firm is engage in milling “palay” (rice).  Engaging also on buying wet  field harvested rice and drying it with the use of both solar pavement and mechanical drier.

*Some other activities and assets involved directly and or indirectly to the firm such as cargo trucks, mechanical drier, drying pavement and some others were not included.

*Working capital of this project proposal is 1,848,479.50 as shown in R. Zamora Rice Mill’s  Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2014.

*Business Activities:

– Milling rice from the firms’ proceeds of farm.

– Milling rice from the customers’ farm for their consumption and for selling their farm proceeds in terms of milled rice by retail or traders in the locality.

– Milling rice from the firms’ purchased rice as “Buy & Sell” and trade it to some provinces of  Mindanao.

II-Management / Administrative Aspect .

* See attached page for organizational structure.


*The owner/proprietor stand as the manager/supervisor of the firm with 2 permanent workers which stand as the miller operator and the other one is the operators’ helper. Part time workers were sometimes hired when needed especially during harvest season.  The number of days per week depends on the supply and demand of the product.

*The workers are compensated in a part-time rate under RTWB code.

III- Technical Aspect:

*The firm is situated along the national highway somewhere in Barangay Namnama, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay with an area of 1/8 hectare more or less.

* Products will be transported from nearby farms via barangay roads to the site which is more or less 3 km to the market place and that is Poblacion, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay.

*The firm has its own water source and power supply is from Zamboanga  Sur Electric Cooperative

*Skilled laborers will be hired within the locality.

Continuation: Production Processes of the Project



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