Thesis / dissertation of TEENAGE PREGNANCY – Chapter 3

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Research Methodology

This chapter presents the research design, research locale, the respondents, sampling procedure, data gathering tools, the scoring procedure and the treatment data in the foregoing study.

Lazada Philippines
Research Design

Basically, this study employed a descriptive- qualitative research design. Certain questions were designed  to draw out responses on specific information regarding the future plans of the respondents despite the conditions that they are in.

Lazada Philippines

Research Locale

This study was be conducted at Maramag, Bukidnon. This municipality was be purposively chosen because of its accessibility to the researcher in gathering data for the reason that this municipality is developing and the researcher is concerned of the teenagers who get pregnant in the locality and are often the  topics of  the bystanders and acquaintances of the respondent who are affected with the sudden twist of their life situation.

Lazada Philippines
Respondents of the study

The respondents of this study were  be selected teenage students and out of school youth who got pregnant from the year 2009-2013 in Maramag, Bukidnon. They were chosen to provide vital information about the effects of teenage pregnancy to their educational development.  These respondents wereselected to generate information of the effects of teenage pregnancy and to

thefamily, community, peers and the church denomination where they are affiliated.

The respondents of the study are those whose ages range from  12 to 19 years old who got pregnant while still in school. Data about the respondents can be obtained from health centers, hospital, inquiries from friends and neighbors, co teachers and Municipal Social Welfare Development or (MSWD) office.

The local government has programs for the moral and economic development of the youth but still lacks implementation thus creating problems among teenagers.

Lazada Philippines
Sampling  Procedure

The method that was used in choosing the respondents was purposive sampling picking all the cases that meet the criterion.   The researcher will chose  purposive sampling, considering that the population of respondents is small and there are lots to consider on securing the respondents’ participation.   Furthermore, the victims might be ashamed to disclose their  experiences, some don’t want to refresh their  sad past chapter of their  lives, others have transferred to other place and there are still others that were  not be reached for comments.

All teenage students and out of school youth who got pregnant from the year 2009-2013 were involved and prioritized. The researcher  hoped to gather not less than 60  respondents all throughout the Municipality of Maramag, Bukidnon.

The Research Instrument

The researcher employed a self- made questionnaire to gather data of the present study Part I is the demographic profile of the respondents. This was included  their name, age, age when pregnant, name of school attended, educational attainment and the economic background of the respondents. The second part of the questionnaire deals with the causes of teenage pregnancy. Part III includes questions on educational development after pregnancy. And Part  IV is the questions on the future plans of the respondents.

Data Gathering Procedure

The researcher sought permission from the health centers in Maramag, Bukidnon to be given pertinent data of teenage  pregnancy cases for year 2009 to 2013. Further the office of the Municipal Social Welfare Development (MSWD) was requested to give information regarding cases of teenage pregnancy in the municipality.

Inquiries from barangay officials, friends, co-teachers, neighbors and relatives were also be considered in the possible search for respondents.

Once the researcher has identified a qualified respondent, she will personally approached  the target respondent and explain to her the study that the researcher is presently doing. The researcher also explained to her that her cooperation mean a lot for the success of the said study.

A researcher- made questionnaire was administered personally by the researcher.

Statistical Treatment

In the analysis of the data of the study, the researcher employed the following statistical tools.

Frequency and Percentage. This was  used to determine the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of age when pregnant, status, type of school attended and their economic background.

Average Weighted Mean. This was used to find out the extent  of Teenage pregnancy among the students and out of school youth in Maramag, Bukidnon.

The t-test was likewise  used to test the significant difference of the extent on the educational development of teenage pregnancy when grouped according to age, educational attainment, status, type of school attended and economic background of the respondents.

Step- Wise Regression Analysis. Was employed to analyze which among the major causes of teenage  pregnancy greatly affect the respondents educational development.


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    im a grade 11 student…..we are now conducting our thesis and im using this file as my example…because we have the same topic… can i ask if where i can find the bibiliography of this file????


  2. Hi sir, currently im writing a thesis about reproductive health law..and teenage pregnancy is one of my topic..can i use this?thank you!


  3. Hi maam, we’re having a reserach and our title is millenial generation behavior and teenage pregnancy. Okay lang po ba if ganito pag construct ng title nmin? Help po.


    • Dear Rejoh mae zuniga,
      Be specific with your title. The title “millenial generation behavior and teenage pregnancy” is quite redundant and I am sure your adviser will disapprove your title.


    • If you are a high school student try this title ” The Perception of Teenagers on Early Pregnancy in (name of your school)”. I recommended to make easier for you during the gather of data. Your respondents were only found in your school. Let your adviser edit your title. She knows more for you.


    • Dear Chrystin,
      Chapter 2 is all bout the output of your research that shows that there has already an existing study similar with yours. Includes that as one of your study. Then try to consult your adviser if you have doubts or ask for more explanation about your study and I am sure she or he will never deprive you with that privileged as her or his student.


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