Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables is a Good Combination

Flowers, fruits and vegetables bring life to everyone.

Flowers, fruits and vegetables bring life to everyone.

Fruits and Vegetables are already good to the eyes to any of the beholder. They give beauty to the environment and beauty to one’s body when it comes to nutrition. They are purely organic when digested to the system. They contribute balance nutrition and if eaten solely without incorporation of anything such as synthesized chemicals, they bring antioxidants that clean the system of our body.

Fruits and vegetables can be produced at the backyard all through out the season with all the initiatives and techniques to reduced the cost of the daily needs of the family. These could be planted anytime as we wished not far from home for us to cultivate water and monitor their needs.  Aside from that, anytime the family will no longer spent money to buy for they are already there available near the house and don’t spent enough effort to look its availability out the market or at distant farm.

From generation to generation, fruits and vegetables with flowers has been used as decorations during special occasions such as wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, religious gatherings such as during services or holding mass in Catholics and more.


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