Project Proposal of Swiftlets Farming – Introduction

(Swiftlets Farming) click IntroductionTechnical Aspect;  Marketing;  Economic, Social/Environmental and Conclusion of the Project (Swiftlets Farming)


1  Rationale (Describes why the project was conceived, establishes the need and the importance)

The project was conceived when Dodong and his wife Dede has happened to scan an unimaginable profit that “Swiftlet nests Birds” promised after a year of farming.  Roseller B. Gabrinez has owned a 2 – hectare lot with a mountain rock, in it where multicaves of Swiftlets birds were found. With the knowledge he learned through internet, he decided to save the Swiftlets birds by bringing back its population to life, and by protecting them from intruders who harvested their nests prematurely, which adversely affects the population of swiftlets.

Multicaves of swiftlets identified productive up to the present and has more or less 10 caves with a total productive 15 rooms regardless of those that are unproductive due to improper harvesting, which the swiftlets have no choice but abandoned some rooms of caves. The very site of the project is at mountain rock of Roseller B. Gabrinez’s lot, located at Moalboal, Titay Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines of which is still covered with trees, shrubs and vines.  It is also sourrounded with green plants, dominated with rubber   trees considering that Sibugay Province is known for its rubber production. The base of the mountain rock is more or less 1.5 hectares, where up above has an overview of  hills, planes and plants. Snakes, different birds and monkeys are there still living up the said mountain rock.  A stream that traversed the land towards this mountain has turtles and sometimes  python snakes freezing in the said stream. With the above assessments, for sure swiftlets will surely revive its population after  5 years due to the fact that environment for its production are still there favors for their  reproduction & existence, only if that said caves will be completely “intruders free.”

2. Objectives (What the project hopes to achieve/fulfill.)

a. To introduce the production of swiftlets nests following the natural techniques.

b.To revive the population of swiftlet birds by introducing the ” intruders free caves.”

c. To hire personnel to maintain and secure the caves and the swiftlets as well.

d. To attain the production of nest as productive as in 1960’s.

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