7 Steps To Make Introduction of the Thesis / Dessertation

Introduction of the thesis is made up of Problem or rationale and a background.

The Step 1-4 is for the rationale or problem while the last 3 steps and that are step 5-7  for the background of the study in which each answer of every step will serve as a paragraph which make a  total of seven (7) paragraphs to make the Introduction through.

Step 1 – is about introducing the chosen topic and the necessity why a certain topic is helpful for a study in relation to the community / environment or in response to the efficiency of the researcher’s work.  If the topic is about Teenage Pregnancy of Students, then it has expected that the researcher will state the need for a study because it is already rampant in an identified community or in a certain school or other reasons being observed by the researcher.

Step 2 – is stating the first reason why that certain topic has been chosen by the researcher.

Step 3 – is stating the 2nd reason why that topic has chosen by the researcher.

Step 4 – is stating the 3rd reason why that specific topic has been chosen by the researcher.

Step 5 – is stating that the study has been its similar and site a certain place or situations.

Step 6 – is stating that this certain topic has already existed and try to mention recommendations or contributions of such study.

Step 7 – is stating that the said problem is already existing in a specific place in where it is the target of the researcher’s study.


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