Thesis / dissertation of TEENAGE PREGNANCY: Conceptual Framework


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Introduction;  Statement of the ProblemNull HypothesisSignificance of the Study  

Conceptual Framework

Due to the increasing cases of teenage pregnancy in the Philippines and found out on this last decade that Philippines has the highest case all through the Asian region. Filipino communities, families and teenagers must be smart enough to counter the phenomenon. The schematic diagram in Fig 1 shows the variables reflected to the 1st box. These are independent variables which point out the major causes of teenage pregnancy and that are family, community, peers and church involvement. In the 2nd box is the consequence of teenage pregnancy and that is effect of educational development. This is the dependent variable.  An independent variables or combination of these can be the cause of teenage pregnancy considering that Filipino families usually offer sex education to their teenagers truncated halfway which usually misunderstood, or never touched about sex, instead leave their teenagers to learn out of their initiatives which usually mislead and might make them submit to early sex. Community has a big role on teenage pregnancy. Teenagers who are exposed to the society where sex is tolerated and lots of teenagers are pregnant might convinced them to do the same. Peers and friends of teenagers might be one cause, which happen to go with peers that having a positive attitude towards early and or premarital sex but no knowledge yet about dealing sex which result to teenage pregnancy. The dependent variables of the respondents indicate the effect of causes of teenage pregnancy to the educational development of students and out of school youth. These are teenagers who got pregnant but determine to pursue their studies in spite of the hassle brought about being in the school and having a child to rear and earn a degree after all while others can’t. These are also teenagers especially out of school youth who never have the chance to go back school after pregnancy.

Independent Variables           Dependent Variables


Peers and Friends                  Effects on Educational Development

Church Involvement


Figure I. A Schematic diagram of the independent and dependent variables on Teenage Pregnancy: Its effect on the Educational Development of Students and Out- Of – School Youth in Maramag, Bukidnon.

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Chapter I –Statement of the Problem

Chapter I – Null Hypothesis

Chapter I – Significance of the Study

Chapter I – Conceptual Framework;

Chapter I – Independent and Dependent Variables

Chapter I- Scope and Delimitation

Chapter I- Definition of Keywords

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22 thoughts on “Thesis / dissertation of TEENAGE PREGNANCY: Conceptual Framework

      • Dear Jhustin,

        Are you asking for a title for your thesis? If I am right, a thesis topic that match on your thesis is an existing problem in your community, in your school or any problem that exist within your area that needs study why that certain problem existed. Post to me at least 3 problems in your community and I will teach you more how to make a title out of those.


  1. My topic is all about teenage pregnancy its implications on the college students, it’s hard to set an objectives. My prof added my title it’s implication.


    • Dear Anna,

      Implications of Teenage Pregnancy is very broad but in your case as a student, do the following:

      This study aims:
      1. To investigate the implications of teenage pregnancy to the academic performance of the students.
      2. To offer recommendations to students how to overcome teenage pregnancy.
      3. To study the factors behind teenage pregnancy.

      Try the above objectives, show this to your adviser and let him or her make some corrections and suggestions because thesis making differs from school to school.


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