Thesis / dissertation of TEENAGE PREGNANCY – Scope and Delimitation


Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V

Introduction; Statement of the Problem; Null HypothesisSignificance of the StudyConceptual FrameworkIndependent and Dependent VariablesScope and Delimitation

Chapter I/Scope and Delimitation

The study is delimited to students who have been pregnant at their teens (12-19) years old and living in, Maramag, Bukidnon.The subjects were drawn to the students who have been pregnant and or have been a student on their teenager days and living in Maramag, Bukidnon. The study focused on the extent of major causes of teenage pregnancy which are family, peers, community, and church involvement, with the educational development of students and out-of-school youth in Maramag, Bukidnon. The perception of the teenager to the effects of major causes of teenage pregnancy were limited to educational development only. This was the dependent variables of the study. The dependent variables of the respondents indicate the effects of educational development among students in school and out-of-school youth. These are teenagers who got pregnant and pursued their studies in spite of the hassle of having in the school and having a child to rear. There are also teenagers who got pregnant tried to go to school and earned a vocation plus degree. While others did not. There are also teenagers especially out-of-school youth who never have the chance to go to school after pregnancy.

Chapter I/Definition of Keywords

The following terms are defined for smooth progress of understanding and clarity of the major concepts used in the study. Cause of teenage pregnancy- is the producer of an effect, result or consequence.

Economic Status– means family income, parental educational level, parental occupation, and social status community.

Educational Development– is the possible trend, progress on their school performance of students or out-of-school youth/teenagers who have been pregnant.

Effect of teenage pregnancy– means a result brought about by premarital sex at the age of 13 to 19 years old in relation to her educational development. Out-of-school youth  – are youth aged 13 – 19 who are not in school and who are unemployed, underemployed, or lacking basic skills.

Peers of teenagers – means were teenagers having an age of 13 to 19 who is equal to another in abilities, qualification, age, background, and social status.  

Sex Education – means learning the external conditions such as psychological, sociological, economic and social factors that affect the personality, behavior and development of a boy to manhood and fatherhood and a girl to motherhood as well as with human reproduction.

Teenage Pregnancy -means conception by a girl between the ages of twelve  (12) and nineteen (19) year old which was not planned for.

Chapter I – Statement of the Problem

Chapter I – Null Hypothesis

Chapter I – Significance of the Study

Chapter I – Conceptual Framework;

Chapter – Independent and Dependent Variables

Chapter – Scope and Delimitation

Chapter – Definition of Terms

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