Feasibility Study on Rice Mill-Income Statement

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Rice Mill Feasibility Study-5 Year; Production Processes

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 *Production Processes of the Rice Mill Project:

– The firm is milling rice from the firms’ farm and from customers’ rice for their own consumption and some other purposes such as trading.

– This rice will be subjected for milling with a moisture content of 14%.

– Some other processes can be seen on Index l.

  1. Existing Equipment are Milling Machinery, Rubber Polisher, Rubber huller (rewinded) installed on 2012 and Building.
  2. An equivalent of 50 kilos of milled rice has been paid of P80.00 or P1.50/kilo of milled rice.
  3. Average annual volume as of 2014 of milled rice is 4,420 sacks. (Please see index Index 2)    *Average annual value of production as of 2014 is  P884,000.00 (Please see index Index 2)
  4. Production cost is P 53,040.00 (See Index 3).
  5. The firm has milled rice or extending its services not only came from its own place known as Barangay Namnama, but also to the nearby barangays such as Palomoc, some barangays in Kalawit, & Tampilisan Zamboanga del Norte and nearby upland rice producing barangays. Aside from milling the everyday rice consumptions of the customers, it do milled rice owned by costumers engaging on trading to be delivered by them not only within the province of Zamboanga Sibugay but also to some provinces of Mindanao such as Cagayan de Oro City, Bukidon, Iligan City and more.
  6. Production capacity of the rice mill is 200 bags of milled rice per day.
  7. Existing equipments of the rice mill are Milling Machinery, Rubber Polisher, Rubber huller (rewinded) installed on 2012), and industrial building. ( See Balance Sheet as of December, 2014). Some other equipments or machineries involved directly or indirectly to the rice mill were not in the project proposal such as mechanical drier, cargo trucks and solar pavements.
  8. The main products of the firm is milling rice of its own products from the firms’ lowland rice farm, customers rice for consumption and or for trading.
  9. Empty and brand new sacks purposely for 50 kls./sack and 25 kilos/ sack of milled rice can be purchased from Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay and nearby cities such as Pagadian and Zamboanga City.
  10. In every 100 kilos of milled rice, there has an estimated 35 kilos of waste material generated.
  11. Waste materials is in the form of rice hulls.
  12. There are 2 kinds of rice hulls generated, fine and roughed hulls.
  13. Fine hulls is usually utilized as hog consumptions and usually the supply is high on demand and out of the market while the roughed hulls were usually stocked on a pit until decomposed for the use of firms’ organic materials on its own irrigated rice field and some other purposes.
  14. Lack of technical capabilities and machine for whitish white Rice Milled.
  15. as the years goes on of operation, rice polisher of the said firm is now very obsolete and can’t compete anymore the modern rice polisher operated in the locality.
  16. No assistance yet obtained from government institutions.
  17. Proposed technology by acquisition & upgrading of Rice White Polisher .
  18. Needed equipment specifications must the machine is versatile for milling rice of all degrees of whiteness with negligible broken. Higher yield of rice, easy replacement and longer life of abrasive wheels and compact design are the highlights of the machine and one of the examples is having similar features with the following:

Item Code: AGPT-40

  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Longer life span
  • Tamper-proof
  • Perfect finish
  • Quality-assured polishings
  • No rice breakage
  • Highly conducting


Model AGPT 40
Capacity (T/H) 2.5 TO 4
Power(KW) 37-45
Weight (KGS) 1040
Dimensions(MM) 1890 X 610 X 1965
  1. Rice White Polisher amounted to P700,000.00.
  2. When the Rice Polisher will be upgraded, the firm can now compete with all the traders locally and abroad.
  3. By DOST Intervention, the proposed technology of apparatus will be taken from the government agencies by acquiring the apparatus called “Rice White Polisher”. Through upgrading the “Rice White Polisher” of the firm; the following impacts are:
  4. The firms’ produced of polished rice can now compete with the other traders in the locality, places within the country or even abroad, considering that nearby cities such as Zamboanga City, Pagadian City and Dipolog City have some access of market within and outside the country.
  5. Customers nearby will no longer go to the distant rice mill to look for good quality milled rice.
  6. The self firm produced rice from its own lowland rice farm will have now a good quality milled rice, perfect for trading.
  7. When the quality of milled rice improved, the demand of rice will increase and can now compete with other traders.
  8. It was studied and observed that the least increased of rice to be milled every year is 5% in the locality.
  9. As the usual strategies, the owner is the manager, having 2 permanent employees and spot hiring of laborers when needed.
  10. The firm is looking forward for whole grain, white polished rice that the customers can’t be refused but buy.