Project Proposal of Swiftlets Farming – Economic, Social, Environmental and Conclusion

(Swiftlets Farming) click IntroductionTechnical Aspect;  Marketing;  Economic, Social/Environmental and Conclusion of the Project (Swiftlets Farming)


1.  Experienced contractual laborers will be hired during harvesting, cleaning, and some other activities needed for the maintenance of the caves.

2.  Ten women will be hired to clean the nests after harvest.

3.  An experienced trustee (at least 2 trustee) will be hired to monitor the overall activities of the project. To supervise the hired laborers and act as the watchman of the project.

4.  Reforestation will be introduced in the area by planting rubber trees adjacent to the project to maximize profit in the future.

5.  Swiftlet nest production is considered as one of the Dollar earners in the Philippines.


This project will revive the endangered Swiftlets after  five (5) years of operation.  Reforestation of adjacent areas of the mountain rock will contribute to the site of the project more suitable place for the swiftlets existence, and in one way or in another it will contribute also the solution of the global warming.


  1. This project someday will become an attraction to the learners both elementary, high school and college of swiftlets farming, and aside from it, the mountain rock has a very nice view up above.
  2. This project will become a tourism site of Swiftlets farm in the years ahead considering that the site is very reachable from two municipalities; it has just a distance of 1 km. from those said towns with a very passable barangay roads.
  3. A more or less 30 caves (aside from those 15 caves subject for the project) that were abandoned by the swiftlets and at present are unproductive which situates at Mountain Rock will later be productive after the swiftlets will be given the chance to reproduced and made their site a safe haven for their existence.

Project Proponent:     Dodong & Dede

Project Proponents’ Address: Moalboal, Titay, Zambo. Sibugay

Proposed Project:      Swiftlets Birds Farming

Project Location:       Moalboal, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay (at the sole mountain rock)


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