Project Proposal of Swiftlets Farming – Technical Aspect

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1. Description and Mechanics (What the project is all about, its characteristics and its features.) ( Process/ procedures describe the steps/measure to complete.)

The owner  wants to cover the holes and or cementing those loosen small rocks that may leave a hole or breathers of a cave when it will be pushed down or pulled up by intruders used as entrance or exits. Making the entrance and or breathers (holes) of the caves totally covered with the use of bars will preserve the nest until such time they are ready for harvest enough for the swiftlets chicks to be matured and ready for reproduction.

Historically on 1960’s to 1970’s as Mr. Roseller Gabrinez observed that sacks of nests were taken out from these caves every time intruders from far places scheduled for harvest.  On the year 1980’s up to the present, swiftlets nests has been popularized and to that effect as the years move on intruders too increases which make the demand very high while the supply of nests tremendously goes down because of harvesting the nests without observing the right time of when to harvest.

There are parts of the Mountain Rock and its adjacent lots, approximately two (2) hectares in all needs reforestation.   To maximize profit in the future, budded rubber trees suits to this problem.

  1. Technology/Materials

Possible materials needed are steel bars, cement, sand, boulders of rocks and gravel.  Experts and knowledgeable on masonry will be hired.  Wielding machine will be brought to the site to wield the steel bars to be used to cover  the entrance and breathers or extra holes of the caves.

Authorized ZAMSURECO  (Electric Company) employee will be hired or requested to install electric current on each of the cave.  There has a present of electric current near the site of the project and 150 meters of drop wire will be already sufficient to reach the mountain rock where swiftlet caves are located.

Electirc current must be installed in every cave, somewhere at the entrance and or at the breathers to trap all possible swiftlets’ eating animals, such as snakes, rats and some reptiles.

Reforestation of some parts of Mountain Rock is necessary for a perfect haven for the swiftlet birds.

3.  Sources of Materials

a.  Steel bars & cements will be bought from either in the town of Ipil and or Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay. Barangay roads of more or less 2 kms from the site are passable which said materials  will be brought to the site without much hassle.

b.  Sand will be bought only from Moalboal river and boulders will be just extracted on the very site of the project because the site of the project is a mountain rock.

c.  Drop wire and some electrical supplies will be bought at either of the Municipality of Titay and or Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay.

d.  Budded rubber trees will be bought within the municipality of Titay and or at Western Mindanao Integrated Agricultural Research Center at Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay.

4.  Duration to complete (Length to finish; volume to produced /capacity; number of outputs at its Minimum vs. Maximum.)

It is assumed that rooms of caves and or caves will be finished to cover their respective entrance and breathers after 20 working days of operation as long as all materials needed are already intact at the very site of the project.

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