Thesis / dissertation of TEENAGE PREGNANCY – Chapter 2 – Media

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Review of Related Literature and Studies

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Review of Related Literature and Studies

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Media and Teenage Pregnancy

The extent to which the media influences adolescent sexual behavior is a topic of contentious debate. In the Philippines, many feel that images portrayed in television, movies, song lyrics, videos, and advertising skew teens’ understanding of normative sexual behavior for young people and do not present the consequences of sexual activity.

Mallory Villanueva 2000, “Teenage Pregnancy and the Media’s, Influence on Today’s Youth,” stressed that the national  campaign to prevent Teen and Unplanned pregnancy also took notice and conducted a survey to find out how to show is influencing teens. Out of 1,008 young people, more than half watch the show and say it makes them more aware about their own risk. Among those teens, 82 percent think the show helps reveal the challenges of teen pregnancy. Maybe there is such a thing as feeding a trend in a positive way. Supplying teens with knowledge and realistic views could help this curiosity that could eventually lead them toward becoming another statistic themselves. So, in conclusion, teen pregnancy is a trend. But if handled appropriately, it could be used to spread awareness and prevention to young teens who are the most influenced. The media does send a lot of false images that do a lot to influence young teens, “ a celebrity culture that down plays the hard work of motherhood; ever-changing family structures that normalize non-traditional arrangements; children who live at home longer than ever with parental support and aren’t expected, if they have kids of their own, to marry the father. Hopefully as more media outlets are choosing to show teen pregnancy and being a teen mom for what it really is, this will soon diminish the glamorization that teens seem to be drawn to. So maybe one day, young girls will soon look up to the strong, independent women and realize that they shouldn’t have to own nice things or have to be dependent on someone be happy. They too can be successful, regardless of their race, income, etc. not just do what they feel is expected of them and become hopeless. It’s funny to think that women were once  expected to marry and raise a family, right out of high school. Now it’s a fight to show them they don’t have to choose that, they have other options and choices.

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Chapter 2-Family;

Chapter 2-Community;

Chapter 2-Church Involvement;

Chapter 2-Peers;

Chapter 2-Media;

Chapter 2-Effects of Pregnancy and Justification

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