Thesis / Dissertation of Disruptive Behavior of Children – Local Studies – Economic Background & Justification


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Economic Background and Disruptive Behavior

Philippines Millennium Development Goals Progress Report  (2010) – This 2010 Philippines Millennium Development Goals Progress, is related to the present study for it pointed out on the education of children coupled with gender equality and lessen poverty.    Poverty effected too much the development of children with regards to their psychosocial and mental health.   When children are affected with hunger at home and or during school days, it affects to their behavior, it could make them irritable and might lead them to have a disruptive behavior at school.   During school hours, children are surely uncomfortable, listening all the stuff of lessons filed in a day with an empty stomach and can’t absorbed right away their subject matters specially when the nutrients requires to be maintained in their body were deficit.

Bucayong, E. 1997, said that his study showed that parents sometimes fall into the trap of trying to resolve problem behaviors by arguing with the child about them. Unfortunately, trying to reason with a small child about their behavior can result in parent and child becoming worked up, and may result in anger and resentment.


The literature of legal bases helped the researcher understand that the present study is a long thrust of the Philippine government. Ten years ago, the government thrust about children rights and protection were relied more through parents look out.   But today, government intensifies their  thrust for the children’s welfare and treatments with the cooperation of parents, teachers and an agency assigned by the government.

The related literature both foreign and local had also given the researcher ideas and insights useful in carrying out her research process concerning the factors associated with disruptive behavior.    Furthermore, these foreign and local studies provided the researcher an opportunity to compare her work with the existing work related to her study in order to strengthen or back-up her recent findings and make solid framework of her new discovery related to “disruptive behavior”.

Review of Related Literature and Studies in Chapter 2, click below:

Chapter 2: Disruptive Behavior (Foreign Studies) – Foreign Studies

Chapter 2: Disruptive Behavior (Foreign Studies) – Gender & Parents Intervention

Chapter 2: Disruptive Behavior (Foreign Studies) – Overt Inattentive

Chapter 2: Disruptive Behavior (Foreign Studies) – Tardiness and Laziness

Chapter 2: Disruptive Behavior (Foreign Studies) – Misbehavior

Chapter 2: Disruptive Behavior (Local Studies) – Aggressiveness

Chapter 2: Disruptive Behavior (Local Studies) –Economic Background & Justification

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