Thesis / Dissertation of Disruptive Behavior of Children – Foreign Studies – Tardiness and Laziness


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Persistent Tardiness and Laziness

Salmon, Peter C., 2000,“Aggressive behavior in Secondary school”, stressed that both biological and environmental are the causes for disruptive behavior disorders. (Biological includes; underweight during birth, brain damage from birth and etc.) (Environmental includes; stressed encounter at home, alcohol used by parents, poverty and etc.).   Children who have been exposed to environment as stressful as these are helpless.  They still need guidance and constant monitoring with regards to their education.   They need to be taught from home, how to wake up early, how to catch every angle of school requirements under pressure with the cooperation of parents to avoid tardiness and motivations/encouragement were there always behind to let laziness out of space to the life of these new generation.

J.B. Bucayong said that a certain study showed  that all parents had experienced parenting their own children. In addition, knowledge about what can be expected from children at different developmental stages and knowledge about the principles of behavior change contribute strongly to parenting styles.  Two parents may have similar ideas about parenting or may be diametrically opposed in their beliefs and practices. Parenting styles may decrease, maintain or inadvertently increase disruptive behavior in children.  Thus persistent tardiness and or laziness will be either minimize or intensifies depending on effective strategies used by the parents to some teenagers from being dependent of this kind of behavior.

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