Local Shelter Plan – Aknowledgement


        With utmost deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude, the authors composed of Gerry B. Capalac, Municipal Budget Officer from Municipal Budget Office, Clodovio Cabalan, PDO II from Municipal Planning Development Coordinator Office,  Engr. Louiemille B. Espinoza, Municipal Engineer  from Municipal Engineering Office, Nenita S. Cababat, MSWD Officer from Municipal Social Welfare Office and Gemina Gabrinez, Clerk III from Municipal Assessor Office  wish to acknowledge those who help the reality  in making this plan. Without them, this piece of work would not make possible.

Our Almighty God, for the guidance and the Holy Spirit bestowed upon, the wisdom, the knowledge, the patience, health blessing throughout the duration of the making of this plan.

Hon. Maria Esperanza Corazon D. Rillera Jadjuila, Municipal Mayor of this municipality for her encouragement and support;

To all the offices providing possible data by giving them all the materials and references to make their  plan easier, and inspires the authors for the success of this plan;

To the personnel of the Municipal Agriculture Office; the warm accommodation of all our queries and concerns; the records that filed with regards to crop production;

To the Municipal Treasurer Employees who one way or another had gave us necessary files and information regarding the 4th Quarterly Report of 2010.

Lilia D. Murro, REA, the Municipal Assessor Officer  for her understanding and support  for considering the days  of her personnel Gemina C. Gabrinez not in her office for a call of series of seminars and preparation with regards to the plan;

To all the personnel of MPDC  for their support and concern especially Jonard H. Pierra  who one way or another was there always of supplying/sharing maps filed from his computer.

To  Merigen Estolatan from Municipal Mayor Office , Ronneth Pugoy and  her companion from LDREM Office doing the encoding and arranging some files of this paper.

To the behalves of the respective authors who understand for several days that their husbands or wives were absent at their side for some series of seminars made.

To Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council Personnel (HUDCC Personnel) who have been very patient and understanding   to the capability of their LGU participants in  giving assistance to the Local Government Unit (LGU) particularly in the preparation of this plan, and also in updating the LGU regarding housing related policies, guidelines and programs.

To proceed click the link below:

Local Shelter Plan – Acknowledgement

Local Shelter Plan – Abstract

Local Shelter Plan – Table of Contents

Local Shelter Plan – List of Acronyms

Local Shelter Plan – Foreword

Local Shelter Plan – Local Shelter Plan – Preface

Local Shelter Plan – Local Shelter Plan – Chapter 1

Local Shelter Plan – Chapter 2 – Municipal Overview

Local Shelter Plan –Assessment of Shelter Need, the Chapter 3

Local Shelter Plan – Assessment Affordability, the Chapter 4

Local Shelter Plan –Chapter 5

Local Shelter Plan – WORK AND FINANCIAL PLAN, the Chapter 6

Local Shelter Plan –Local Shelter Plan – Chapter 7 and Chapter 8


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