Local Shelter Plan – Foreword


As anyone running a household should know a shelter is among of the basic needs or among the family’s most important needs just like food and clothing.

Titay Local Shelter plan is a plan on how to address displaced units found in the municipality. Facilitating shelter to everyone in a right based in which International Human Rights Law recognized everyone’s right to an adequate standard of living, including adequate housing.

Local Shelter Plan of LGU Titay is the housing plan showing how necessary is to have a shelter plan especially to the displaced Households that are found along national highway of this municipality. This is a plan to be implemented and suits to the municipality and to the displaced households which are the very concern of this plan and why this plan was formulated. Here it shows that the shelter to be provided suited to the different types of income groups and situated in a place where the tenure is secured and with basic needs such as water, access to roads, power, sanitation, and more.  The very concern of this shelter plan is about the displaced units that soon will affect the flow of peace and order of the municipality, and this has been addressed with a ten (10) year plan from the year 2016 to 2025.  This  plan is answering these questions:

How the LGU treat the displaced units found in the municipality?

How the LGU facilitates the displaced households that needs tenure upgrading?

How the LGU provides livable dwelling units for a typical Filipino family purposely for the displaced HHs found in the municipality of Titay only?

Moreover, it shows how the LGU  respond to the challenges facing the country including climate change in relation to low cost housing units specifically to all types of income group that have displaced units along national highway.



MPDC Coordinator, Titay

Zamboanga Sibugay

To proceed click the link below:

Local Shelter Plan – Acknowledgement

Local Shelter Plan – Abstract

Local Shelter Plan – Table of Contents

Local Shelter Plan – List of Acronyms

Local Shelter Plan – Foreword

Local Shelter Plan – Local Shelter Plan – Preface

Local Shelter Plan – Local Shelter Plan – Chapter 1

Local Shelter Plan – Chapter 2 – Municipal Overview

Local Shelter Plan –Assessment of Shelter Need, the Chapter 3

Local Shelter Plan – Assessment Affordability, the Chapter 4

Local Shelter Plan –Chapter 5

Local Shelter Plan – WORK AND FINANCIAL PLAN, the Chapter 6

Local Shelter Plan –Local Shelter Plan – Chapter 7 and Chapter 8


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