Cancer Prevention Fruit Called Soursop, Abana or Guavano


Are You Afraid of Cancer?

This question will be answered right away without a doubt with “Yes”.  Everyone is afraid of with this dreadful disease.  Medical experts who keep on studying about the cure of this kind of disease stressed that the only best control of cancer were early detection and proper life style.  The usual procedure was that after early detection, series of treatment will be observed followed with proper life style to ensure that cancer cells wouldn’t be reactivated.

Why wait for the cancer to strike?

According to the promoter of the well known and one of the Herbal Medicines in the Philippines over the radio stressed that a person who is loner, couldn’t handle stressed properly, emotionally depressed such as anger and hatred, having improper lifestyle and irritable were the usual victims of cancer.  Experts said that prevention is best than cure.  Stop all these unhealthy life style physically and emotionally to prevent cancer as early as possible.  Emotionally depressed person produced toxic substance for the body and too much of these will over run the strength of the antibodies which lead for the cancer cells to produce and develops so fast without control. Improper diet is one of the most caused of cancer especially people from western world.  People from the Philippines are also concern of the production of their staple food which Filipino farmers were applying insecticides and other chemicals too much and beyond the tolerable timing during application which made the rice grain accumulate the chemicals and harmful to the human system and which usually cancer cells follow and play.

The number one natural treatment of Cancer now days is a fruit known as Soursop which is rich in Vitamin  B and C, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron and known to help against inflammation, improve eyesight, proper digestion and some other benefits for one’s health. The researchers of Tepic Institute of Technology in Mexico found out that  acetogenins are effective in the treatment of tumor cancers that usually found in breast, prostate and liver.

The scientific name of Soursop is Annona muricata while in the Philippines this is called Abana or Guavano.  This fruit can thrive in all areas in the Philippines.  In the Philippines, this kind of fruit has multiple names, somewhere in Luzon,  this is known Guavano while in Mindanao this is commonly called as Abana.

According to the Nutrition and Cancer  published on year 2011 found that oncogenes  “the cancer causing genes”  especially to  Breast Cancer, easily suppressed its production by eating  regularly the fruit called Soursop . The acetogenins  are  chemotherapeutic compounds found in Soursop.

Soursop or Guavano can be served in many ways. This can be served and eaten in the morning while your stomach was still empty and or depending on your practices what time is best for you.  To those who wished to clean their stomach and or other digestive systems, eating this freshly is best because this is one way of cleansing and anti-oxidant too.

Soursop or Abana could be served freshly sliced, shake or in juice. There are lots of recipes online about this fruit that matched your choice and taste. Some preferred drinking it right away from the grinder without anything to mix  except  ice. In my case, I eat this by slicing the fruit,  squeezed a lemon orange over a sliced before eating, in this case the Soursop tasted more natural, fresher and sweeter. Make a try!!!!!