Kids and Kindergarten Speech for Graduation

To our very own teacher,  . . . Leonarda E. Esperaguiza,  . . . to our parents who never tired catering us every day to school, . . . to my classmates, friends,  . . . to our beloved guests no other than, Peter Bronson,  . . . ladies and gentlemen  . . ..  “good morning”.

  Seems all those efforts we exerted all through those days;

  • were somewhat like a sunrise, there has always a sunset
  • were somewhat like a streak of our colored pencil
  • were somewhat like scribbles of our pens in our drawing book 

          which ended .  .  .  .  . we are now on our graduation day , reaping the fruits of our efforts . . . . and from the love  . . . reaping the fruits from sacrifices  of our parents.  

  • thank you teacher
  • thank you parents
  • thank you to all of you here
  • first and foremost . . . . . thank you too to our “Almighty God”. . . .and once again . . . . to all of us here  “good morning”.

Kindergarten 2 Graduation Speech


  My dear parents,  . . ..  teachers,  .. . my fellow graduates,  .. .  friends, … visitors and especially to our honored guests, David Howard  .. . “good morning”. 

        As flashback, . . .

  • it’s still fresh in my memory how “mama” woke me up every morning, telling me to prepare myself for school.
  • it’s still fresh in my memory how “mama” assisted me fixing myself and belongings for school.
  • it’s still fresh in my memory how my teacher taught us to write, sing and dance at school.

        It’s all nice to recall but those were over and gone  . . .  for another new day will come, .  . and more challenging to all of us graduates.  I look forward that there will still more wonderful things ahead in us in the coming years.

        So parents and teachers, thank you for all your endeavor . . .  for we made one step forward again in our life and we never forget you.

        THANK YOU and once again ‘‘good morning”.

Graduation Speech for Kids or Kindergarten

Lazada Philippines   Lazada Philippines    Lazada Philippines

My ever dearest parents, friends, teachers, visitors, especially to our very own guest . . . . . no other than Mr. Daniel Pablo, . . . ladies and gentlemen “good morning”.

        At last,  . . . it is “graduation day”.  Every one of us were on their toes witnessing this very big day. 

        Today is the most memorable day in our life as graduates.        I know,  . . . there will still lots of graduations that await us in the future . . . . but Kindergarten 2 graduation is only happening today in our life.

        So graduates,  . . . I am proud to say “Happy Graduation” . . .to everyone of us.   I do wished in the future  . . . with the grace of our Almighty God  . . . we are good example to the incoming preschoolers. 

        May the Lord will guide us to share good deeds in the future  to everyone . . . . and these will be implanted,  . . . and would be a legacy to the generation,  next to us.

       Congratulation not to ourselves only but as well as to our parents and teachers who guided us with all their patience, understanding, love and provided us all we need everyday to make us one among of the graduates.

        THANK YOU  . ..  and once again . .. “good morning.

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